Unnatural relationship with 15 year old boy in school, also made video

Agar Malwa. A shocking case of cruelty has come to light in Agar Malwa, Madhya Pradesh. A video of a 15-year-old boy who was the victim of an unnatural act here went viral on social media. In the viral video, a young man is seen committing atrocities with the boy, while another is making a video of him. When the video went viral, when the victim reached the boy’s family, it came to know about the excesses that happened to him. After which the victim boy reached the police station with the family and lodged a complaint. Police has arrested the two accused.

Unnatural sex with 15 year old boy in government school

The case pertains to a village under Nalkheda police station in Agar Malwa, where a 15-year-old boy was lured by two of his own acquaintances to the government school of the village by luring them to drink. Here both the accused together first made the boy drink alcohol fiercely and then a young man got intoxicated and made an unnatural relationship with him. When the boy protested, the accused threatened him and not only this, another youth made a video of the boy’s abuse on his mobile which later went viral on social media.

If the video went viral, then the secret was revealed

The accused had threatened the boy that if he told anyone about the incident, he would kill him. So the boy remained silent due to fear. But later the video of the atrocities with her went viral on social media. When this video reached the boy’s family, when the family questioned the boy, he told about the coercion that happened to him. After which the family took him to the Nalkheda police station and lodged a complaint. Police registered a case on the complaint of the victim and arrested both the accused. One of the arrested accused is named Hari Om Malviya who had committed unnatural acts with the youth.

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