What You Should Know About Iqama?


1 : What Is the Iqama?

2 : Why Iqama Is Required?

3 : Iqama application process

4 : How to Check Iqama

5 : Regulations Concerning Foreign Workers That Are Changing

6 : Working with a local partner is important

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What You Should Know About Iqama?

Being the largest Arab nation, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is always putting incentives in place to lure international investors to contribute to the local labour force. The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority was in fact created with this objective in mind.

“Why Iqama Is Required”

- One of the highest proportions of immigrants living in any nation is found in Saudi Arabia. About 31.8 million people lived there in 2016, including 11.7 million foreigners. The fact that 3 million or so of Saudi Arabia’s 13.8 million employed people are citizens of the country is even more noteworthy. In contrast, more than 75 percent of Saudi Arabia’s workforce was made up of foreign workers.

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Iqama application process

– Many businesses utilise the services of a PEO or other approved organisation to assist with the iqama application procedure because it is frequently difficult.

The Ministry of Interior website allows employees to check the status of their visas if they have questions about their visa validity or need to know when their iqama is scheduled to expire. To utilise this service, the recipient of the Iqama must have their Iqama number. This verification can guarantee the KSA visa’s validity.

How to Check Iqama

Regulations Concerning Foreign Workers That Are Changing Foreign worker restrictions in Saudi Arabia are subject to change, therefore anybody interested in working there or businesses intending to grow here should be informed of these changes.

The nation has put into action the Saudi Vision 2030 plan, which aims to accomplish the following objectives:

– owering the reliance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on oil – diversifying Saudi Arabia’s economy – expanding public sector employment – assisting small- and medium-sized enterprises

What You Should Know About Iqama?