Tweet “for adults only” What Musk wants from Trump after sharing photo of naked woman

A tweet published by the new president of the social media giant, Twitter, Elon Musk, showing a picture of a semi-naked woman and a priest representing former US President Donald Trump, received great interaction.

The tweet shows a picture of a person who appears to be a praying priest, dubbed “Donald Trump”, while a scantily clad young woman with the “Twitter” logo on her bare buttocks bends over.

Musk commented on the photo with the phrase “Do not lead us into temptation”, a phrase that appeared in some of the Gospels meaning asking God for deliverance from falling into sin

Musk had announced, on Saturday evening, that Trump’s Twitter account would be restored, and minutes later, the former president’s profile on the platform was unblocked

Trump appeared, in a videotape during the meeting, saying he “sees no reason” to return to the podium.

he news comes after Trump announced his 2024 presidential bid, after he was banned from Twitter over accusations of incitement to violence during the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

Some commentators on the tweet believe that Musk wants to push Trump to return to the platform with this tweet, so he used the image of the priest who resorts to prayer to resist the temptation represented by the naked woman, which is Twitter.

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