Saudi’s Jawazat: new announcement for residents inside the Kingdom

The General Directorate of Jawazat in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced that it will provide a service to inquire about the validity of residence by the residence number electronically, as any foreign person, i.e. does not hold Saudi nationality and resides in the Kingdom, must have a residence, and that residence is a proof of identity for the resident individual,

It is a fee and its renewal also has a fee, and these fees that are paid are in return for the services that are obtained in the Kingdom, and also in order to implement the financial balance in the country, and this comes within the framework of seeking to develop and advance the Kingdom, which helps me to achieve the vision of 2030 AD In Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi’s Jawazat: new announcement

Mechanism for inquiring about the validity of residence by residence number The Jawazat and the Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have clarified many very important details regarding the validity of residence in Saudi Arabia.

We explain to you, our dear followers, the method of recognizing the validity of residence by the residence number for the year 2023 AD electronically, as follows.

Enter the Absher e-portal. Type in your username, national identity number, or residence number. Type in your password. Click Sign in. Click on the service to verify the validity of the resident’s identity. Write down the civil registry number. Enter your Iqama ID number. Click Query.

Residency renewal fees in Saudi Arabia In order to renew the residency, you must pay the residency renewal fees when it expires. Our site, Egypt Mix, will explain to you, our dear followers, the value of the residency renewal fees in Saudi Arabia, explained to you as follows.

Workers in the private sector: 650 Saudi riyals. Domestic workers: 600 Saudi riyals. Individuals from expatriate families with a minimum of 18 years of age: 500 Saudi riyals. Resident facilities: 2000 Saudi riyals

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