Recording WhatsApp calls is easy, try this amazing trick now

Call recording feature is not available in WhatsApp. Here we are telling you how to easily record WhatsApp calls with the help of third party apps. iPhone and Android users can try this trick.

WhatsApp offers its users many great features to connect with friends and family. Users can also send photos and videos along with messages to their friends and family sitting in any corner of the world through WhatsApp. The special thing about WhatsApp is that it also has the feature of voice and video calling. However, the feature of call recording is not offered in WhatsApp. If you want to record a particular WhatsApp call and save it, then you have to use third party apps for this. Let us know how you can record WhatsApp calls on Android and iOS devices.

How to record WhatsApp calls on Android devices

  • First of all search Cube Call app on Google Play Store.
  • After downloading and installing the app, open WhatsApp.
  • Now in WhatsApp, you will see Cube Call’s widget when you make or receive a call. If you don’t see the widget, open the Cube Call app and select Force VoIP for the voice key.
  • Now this app will automatically record WhatsApp voice call and start selling it in internal memory.

How to record WhatsApp call on iPhone

Recording WhatsApp calls on iPhone is a bit difficult as there is no such app that allows iPhone users to record WhatsApp calls. However, despite this, there is a trick, by which you can record WhatsApp calls on iPhone.

  • First download the Quick Time application on the Mac computer.
  • Connect iPhone to Mac and open Quicktime app.
  • After the app is open, go to the File option and select the New Audio Recording option.
  • Now select the iPhone in the option and tap on the Record button in Quick Time.
  • After this call WhatsApp from iPhone and tap on the add user icon.
  • By doing this, automatic recording of WhatsApp call will start. The recorded call will be saved in the Mac.

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