Qatar’s police: what do they do and what are the penalties after they rebelled with the standards during the 2022 World Cup?

The task of Qatar as host of the 2022 World Cup was encircled by debate all along. Not just in light of the brandishing society of the Center Eastern nation, yet in addition due to the composing regulations and allegations of resistance for certain central common liberties and opportunities of ladies and LGTBQI+ individuals. Quite possibly of the most questionable body in Qatar is the supposed Moral Police.

Fans from the different countries partaking in the competition have had the option to see direct the way in which Qatar works and how it upholds its regulations.

The Qatari Moral Police (Gasht-e-Ershad) are secret cops who wander the roads and guarantee that the populace adheres to the nation’s regulations, rules and customs precisely.

These specialists expect to safeguard the ‘sharia’, a Qatari regulation that spotlights on laying out moral principles, both with regards to the public and confidential existence of people.

One of the codes to be followed is, for instance, a petition, which is performed five times each day. What’s more, the populace is deterred from getting separated, and is even taboo to take, lie and drink liquor.

rules to follow for  2022 World Cup fans

The rules to follow for World Cup 2022 fans

In spite of the fact that devotees of the 2022 World Cup don’t need to adhere to these regulations, set for its populace and not for vacationers, they ought to remember that, similar to any other person, numerous different standards should be regarded.

For instance, ladies are not permitted to show shoulders and knees and it is mentioned that clothing isn’t provocative or tight-fitting. For men there are likewise controls, for example, not being permitted to wear Shirts with a Slipover and not being exposed chested.

With respect to good tidings, custom directs that the right hand should be lifted to welcome men and the hand ought to be raised to the heart while tending to ladies.

Moreover, no photographs might be taken of true structures or Qatari inhabitants, except if express consent is allowed. Showcases of friendship and love are, obviously, likewise to be kept away from.

Penalties for breaking the rules in Qatar during the 2022 World Cup?

During the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the monetary and jail punishments a fan might confront are:

  • Drinking liquor on open streets, from 806 euros to detainment.
  • Consuming medications, from 806 euros to detainment or extradition.
  • Littering in the road, from 2,685 euros.
  • Inability to agree with clothing regulations, denial of passage to the premises.
  • Homosexuality, one to three years in jail.
  • Making disgusting signals, from 805 euros to six years in jail.
  • Disloyalty, as long as seven years in jail.

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