New Absher Travel Service ; More Details With General Directorate of Passports

New Absher Travel Service – General Directorate of Passports has stated that outstanding fines imposed for traffic violations will not become the price of foreign travel for the natives. 

Avail Absher Travel Service newly launched by Jawazat Directorate in Absher, Ministry of Home Affairs’ online service platform is optional. 

New Absher Travel Service

Absher Travel provides an opportunity to pre-register the information related to the passengers of the vehicles before reaching the border posts. 

General Directorate of Passports said that this will reduce the congestion at the border posts and reduce the time spent waiting at the border posts to complete the travel procedures.

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Absher Travel has launched its first phase of service on the King Fahd Causeway connecting Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The service on King Fahd Causeway was launched on Friday as a continuation of digital technology solutions provided by Jawazat. 

Pre-registration of passenger related information through Abshir can ensure that there are no issues related to passport validity, travel permit etc. 

The service will also help inform travelers in advance of the possibility of congestion at the border post when they are expected to arrive.

It will also enable easy verification of biometric information through the NAFAD platform when the passengers reach the border post

This way passengers can easily complete their journey and exit through special tracks at the border posts. 

Abshir Travel service will be extended to other border posts step by step. Everyone registered with Abshir can avail the service. 

General Directorate of Passports has asked those who wish to avail the Absher travel service to update the Absher app on their smart phones.

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