kuwait Civil I’d First Time Registration of Individuals

Through this post I am going to tell you about the new Kuwait Civil I’d Registration After reading the full article what is the requirement for Individual Civil I’d Registration, you will know everything.

Civil I’d Service Description

With the help of this service, Kuwaiti nationals who were born abroad and senior citizens without a civil ID may register.

Eligibility or Requirements

  • The proceedings must be attended by the applicants or any of their parents.
  • Newborn applicants must have their names added to the passport or a separate passport.
  • Newborn candidates must register either within a month of their entry into Kuwait or within 60 days of the date of their birth.
  • A 20 KD fine will be imposed if the newborn applicant is not registered within 60 days of the date of birth or within one month of the date of entry into Kuwait.

Required Documents For Civil I’d

  • Birth certificate and a copy –
  • Two (2) recent coloured personal photos (4 × 6 cm) –
  • Photos should be taken without eyeglasses –
  • Face length should range from 2:2 to 2:5 cm and should be at the center of the photo –
  • Photos should not be taken in military uniform –
  • Photos should not be taken for the face profile –
  • Photo background colour should not affect the clarity –
  • Fingerprint notification for applicants who reached 18 years old or older –
  • Address proof –
  • Off records from the Ministry of Interior for aged applicants for whom no birth certificates were previously issued. The applicant’s name and date of birth should be stated in the off records.
  • Nationality certificate for minors born outside Kuwait
  • Envelope
  • Letter of no objection against registration from the Ministry of Interior for aged applicants
  • Nationality certificate and a copy for applicants who reached 18 years old or older
  • Power of attorney from the Ministry of Justice, in case the applicant does not attend in person

Visit the Public Authority of Civil Information Headquarters at Zahra, first floor, Citizens’ Office and submit the required documents

Fill the service application form

Pay the fees due

Civil I’d Fees
Variable fees0 KD
xed fees: Smart Card acquisition fees5 KD
Fixed fees: Envelope0.250 KD

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