Increasing the salary of the developed guarantee over the entitlement amount for all beneficiaries in Saudi Arabia What is the reason?

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia revealed an increase in the salary of the developed guarantee for this reason for the beneficiaries of the program, as the salary aries according to the number of members of each family, and the entitlement rate for the family breadwinner and the main beneficiary is 1100 Saudi riyals, while the entitlement value for each family member is Provided that he is over eighteen years old, SR 500, and through the estimated calculator, you can find out your basic monthly benefit amount

The Ministry added that the salary can increase due to the existence of the electricity and food subsidies, and they positively affect the beneficiary, as the food subsidy per person starts at a value of 84 Saudi riyals, which increases gradually with the increase in the number of family members, and is added to the basic pension, while the electricity subsidy starts from 72 Saudi riyals, which also increases. Gradually, by increasing the number of members of each family, and it is added to the basic amount of the entitlement, and here lies the secret of the increase over the basic salaries of the beneficiaries.

Is there a new title for warranty?

Many citizens and pioneers of varioussocial networking sites circulated newsof the existence of a new royal bountyfrom the Custodian of the Two HolyMosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, tothe beneficiaries of the guarantee, butthe Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development quickly denied allthese news, confirming that there are no increases in The guarantee salary, andthat it will be disbursed according to the original salary schedule that was previously published through its official website, which is already available through the social support and protection platform, and that all that isbeing circulated through social media is nothing but rumors that have no basis in.truth

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