Important: Saudi Ministry of Interior ने Individuals के लिए Fine 20,000 Riyal की चेतावनी दी (Details)

The Ministry of Interior confirmed thatthere is a fine of 20 thousand riyals foranyone who transfers or publishesrecords in violation of the provisions ofthe system or damages or sabotagesthe devices of the security surveillance.cameras or records

The Ministry said: It is permissible forthose against whom a decision hasbeen issued against him to file agrievance before the AdministrativeCourt within 60 days from the date of.informing him of the decision

The “internal” indicated that security surveillance cameras are fixed or mobile devices designed to capture motion pictures in accordance with the
provisions of the system for using security surveillance cameras, and do not include cameras that individuals place inside units and private residential complexes,

The Saudi government agreed earlier that the system of security surveillance cameras be installed in ministries, bodies, public institutions, oil and petrochemical facilities, power generation and desalination facilities, tourist accommodation facilities, commercial complexes and marketing centers, financial institutions, banks, exchange centers and money transfer, residential buildings, and mosque Forbidden, the Nabawi Mosque, mosques and clubs

In addition to public, private and cultural facilities, youth centers, public and private recreational facilities, public and private health facilities, hospitals and clinics, commercial warehouses, main roads and intersections within cities, and highways linking cities and

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